IT Initiatives

In this era of Digitalization & Technology, YJSG has taken a step ahead & started imparting religious & moral Education with the help of advanced Technologies. Below are some of the features of YJSG’s IT initiatives:

  • Jain Games - We want to spread Jainism's key concepts to all Jains. Technology has given lots of ways to present information; from which we chose Games to present Jainism in innovative way. Our aim is that all Jains have at least one Jain game on their devices that we have developed. We want to make Jain games as part of the Jain's daily life. We dream to achieve that all Jains all over the world learn key concepts of Jainism via playing our games
  • Teaching with the help of projectors & PPT Presentations
  • YJSG’s shivir’s full functioning with the help of Software
  • GPS System in Shivir Buses
  • Attendance with the help of bar-code-scanners

& many more..