"A beautiful act become even more amazing when it is with a mission & fruitful message"

Participation of YJSG'ians in the Mahavir Jayanti Julus is with the same aim only, Everytime we participate with a theme & a message.

Theme 1- Message of Simplicity

Join the YJSG in this year Mahavir Jayanti Julus to propagate the message of simplicity and renunciation. We won't have any speakers that create very loud noise, No fancy dresses, No eating snacks or drinking juices in julus, No extravagant expenses or any pompous show. We can show that with simplicity one can celebrate it very nicely.If you believe in propagating the principles of simplicity, then please join us.Don't just watch julus,but come and participate in it. We can show the world that Young people can do it in right manner.

Theme 2- Panch Parmesthi ke Mulgoon (2018)

5 groups of people were created who wore the colors of jainism flag and exhibited what are the Mulgoons of Panch Parmeshthis.

Theme 3- Leshya (2017)

6 leshya are represented by different colours. 6 groups were created who wore the different colors of leshyas and represented the behaviour of leshya holder in banners accordingly.